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TV Projector

A closer look at the TV projector, screens, and other digital devices.

The TV projector is a great, cost effective means of buying right into the home theater experience without breaking the bank.  With such rapidly evolving technology, we as consumers benefit from both the innovation in the field and the price breaks that often come with new developments.

If you’re looking into the idea of buying a TV projector instead of a plasma or LCD television, you may very well enjoy the benefits that a TV and video projector gives you.  This site may help you find your way through the world of projectors, and our goal is to give you enough information to determine whether this is the way you’ll want to go with your purchase.

You may remember the TV projectors of the past.  The technology is decades old, and this was the first way to get that big screen TV presence that so many homes enjoy nowadays.  These used to operate with three separate lights – a blue, a green, and a red, and the images were projected onto bigger screens but often came through blurry or otherwise unclear.

You’ll be happy to know that the advent of the HDTV projector and other beneficial technology has made the difference between the TV projector and a high definition plasma TV virtually unnoticeable when it comes to the higher end models.  There are also many benefits to going with a TV projector that you may not be able to get out of an ordinary television set, many of which we’ll be discussing on this site.

Stay tuned for some TV projector reviews, in addition to some analysis of the many different options you’ll have for buying projection screens.  The screen can be equally important when it comes to ensuring the best home theater experience, and you’ll want to carefully weigh out your options before jumping into one.

For now, we’re going to go over some of the essential pieces of information you’ll want to keep in mind when buying any entertainment TV projector.

The first thing you’ll want to be attentive to is your projector’s native resolution.  These days, you’ll most likely find any projectors for sale to be either VGA, WVGA, SVGA, WSVGA, XGA, or WXGA.  Anything with a “W” in front means that it’s optimized for wide screen use, which you’ll most likely want if you go with an HD projector.

The higher the resolution on the unit, the better the picture quality will be.  This is measured in pixels, and just as you’ll find with computer monitors, the higher numbers denote a higher quality TV picture.

Another measurement that you’ll want to be mindful of is the contrast ratio.  This is responsible for the sharp differences that you’ll see between colors, and the higher contrast ratios will indicate a higher quality output.

Lastly, the brightness is important when it comes to buying a TV projector.  Brightness is measured in Lumens, and you’ll want something with at least 700 Lumens.  Having said that, you’ll see many TV projectors with 2,000 Lumens and beyond.

All of these attributes will factor into finding the best TV projection devices for your needs, and the rest of our site will focus on some finer details.  We hope you get some basic education out of this and that it helps you to find a projector that you’re really happy with.